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TVB Achensee and Contwise Maps

The Achensee is home to thousands of tourists every year. In order to provide the best possible service, the tourism industry is always up-to-date. A crucial factor in attracting customers or potential customers is the clear and simple presentation and communication of information. In 2011 Achensee Tourism has decided to integrate the software Contwise Maps from General Solutions to their existing website. Hence the customer receives a special added value in planning his vacation.

The starting point
"It was not possible for us to present multiple map content (tracks / routes, points of interest (POIs), ...) in a unified user interface," said Patrick Benko, an employee of Achensee Tourist Office. To cope with the challenges of supply and demand, it was decided to use Contwise Maps for the visual representation of routes, POIs, etc. Previously we used the route representation in Google Maps. "All routes/trails were sketched painstakingly with Google Earth then labeled, exported and finally imported as KML file in the corresponding blog. The route and its accompanying descriptive texts then had to be maintained separately", explained Benko further. 

The collaboration and requirements
In 2011 Walter Steiner (CEO) and Florian Falkner (CTO) presented the possibilities that the interactive map offers. Both the presentation and the comprehensive software supply have finally convinced us to opt for Contwise Maps. Already on the same year the interactive map was integrated into existing systems. A great value was set on a proper and uniform representation of all routes and POIs. In addition, important POIs, webcams and the available accommodation are included in the application. "It is a very good software, which is constantly developing further to cater for the custumer's needs. We are completely satisfied with the service from General Solutions.", said Benko convinced.

The launch
Thanks to the system's simplicity and clear structure, users were able to quickly adapt and work on their own. The software is used by both tourists and employees to deliver information about events, routes, tours, POIs and general news. The software can be adapted to changes in the operation and is therefore very flexible and open to enhancements and new features.

"The biggest benefit we have through the use of the software is to give the guest or the visitor of our website, a uniform and understandable overview of what our region has to offer. Furthermore it is a comprehensive central database of our broad network of routes and POIs. We can highly recommend  Contwise Maps!"

Patrick Benko, TVB Achensee

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